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Find out what it takes to have a healthy, happy, and meaningful sex and love life.

  • How To Have A Better Orgasm For Male

    Orgasm and ejaculation usually occur simultaneously, but they are actually two independent events and do not necessarily have to occur simultaneously. Male orgasm is a complex physiological and psychological response to sexual arousal, usually but not always ending with ejaculation. When the penis is rubbed, the nerves that control blood flow are stimulated, and men will experience pleasure. Orgasm is… Read more →

  • Health Benefits Of Sexual Intercourse

    Having sex is a normal physiological need of men and women of the right age. Proper lovemaking is not only a pleasure for the body and mind. It’s also good for your body. You know, having sex is not just to satisfy desires, it is also an important physiological link to ensure human health. Regular sex life can add points… Read more →