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List Of FDA Approved Male Enhancement Pills

If you experience erectile dysfunction, your doctor may prescribe medications such as tadalafil and sildenafil.

These drugs belong to a group of drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors and are FDA-approved to treat ED.

Purchasing unauthorized sexual enhancement products online, in stores or abroad can pose a serious threat to your health.

When you purchase an unauthorized sexual enhancement product, we cannot guarantee that it contains what it claims to contain, or that the ingredients are safe.

These products are often labeled “all natural” and “safe,” but in many cases have prescription drugs added to them.

They may also contain cheap ingredients added as “fillers”.

Recently, tadalafil and sildenafil were found in several over-the-counter male enhancement pills, prompting a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about their safety.

PLEASE NOTE: There are currently no FDA-approved male enhancement pills on the market. Absolutely not.

What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Some of the most popular male enhancement pills are marketed as these miracle capsules that can cure any sex-related problems.

They say they can do something like this:

Male enhancement pills are natural dietary supplements that can help men with various performance issues in the bedroom.

The best male enhancement pills can help you perform your best through increased libido, enhanced sexual stamina, increased confidence, and better overall sexual performance.

These supplements may also help relieve symptoms of erectile dysfunction without the need for prescription medication.

In general, these male sexual enhancement pills are often advertised as the solution to all your sexual problems.

Whether you’re concerned about your penis size, erections, or your general ability to please your partner.

Seems legit, right? Not quite.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers to stay away from dietary supplements that claim to boost sexual function because they may contain hidden — and potentially dangerous — ingredients.

Technically, they are both considered “dietary supplements.”

Most of these dietary supplements claim that the natural ingredients they contain are all that is needed to increase libido, enhance orgasm, and reverse low libido.

But again, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Are There Any FDA Approved Male Enhancement Pills?

Currently, there are no FDA-approved male enhancement pills.

The FDA is warning consumers to avoid certain male enhancement and weight loss products sold through Amazon, eBay and other retailers.

Because they contain hidden, potentially dangerous pharmaceutical ingredients.

Despite FDA’s consumer warnings about similar products over the past decade, the agency continues to find potentially dangerous products available for purchase on the internet

The FDA’s Contaminated Products Database helps consumers identify nearly 1,000 potentially dangerous products.

However, the agency cannot test and identify all products that contain potentially harmful hidden ingredients.

Even if a product is not included on the list, consumers should still exercise caution when using certain products.

Especially those advertised for sexual enhancement, weight loss, bodybuilding, sleep aid or pain relief.

Consumers should also be wary of products that offer immediate or quick results and sound too good to be true.

FDA works to protect consumers by identifying these potentially dangerous products and removing them from the market.

Alternatives To Male Enhancement Pills

The good news is, just because over-the-counter male enhancement pills can be terrible and not worth the risk, it doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

Alternatives To Male Enhancement Pills

In fact, you have many. Erectile dysfunction is treatable in most cases.

It’s important to make the following healthy lifestyle changes that may help restore sexual performance:

  • Balanced Diet

  • Increase Physical Activity

  • Get More Sleep And Relax

  • Do Not Abuse Drugs

  • Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption

  • Stop Smoking

Treatments for erectile dysfunction include oral medications such as vasodilators or androgens, injections directly into the penis, use of a vacuum device to erect the penis, implanting a pump under the skin of the penis, and counseling with a psychologist or counselor.

You should always seek the advice of your doctor to choose the most appropriate treatment option.

The drugs most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction are a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors, which include sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil.

They work by relaxing the muscles in the penis during sexual stimulation to increase blood flow to achieve an erection.

Common side effects include headache, flushing, dizziness, and temporary blurred vision.

Men who are taking nitrates should not take these drugs because the combination can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure.

That’s why it’s crucial to speak with a healthcare professional before starting to use them.

Buy Oral Drugs For Erectile Dysfunction Online

Treating erectile dysfunction is big business, and online scams abound. If you do buy medicines online:

1. Check to see if the online pharmacy is legitimate

Some illicit businesses sell counterfeit versions of legitimate medicines that may not work or be dangerous.

In the United States, check with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to see if an online pharmacy is licensed and in good standing.

2. Make sure you get the correct prescription and dosage

When you order your medicine and when you receive it by mail, check that the type and dosage of the medicine are exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

3. Don’t be tricked into buying ‘herbal Viagra’

Do not take any oral medications for erectile dysfunction that claim to be “herbal” or over-the-counter.

These are not effective alternatives and some contain harmful substances.

Are There Any Male Enhancement Pills To Increase Penis Size?

Worrying about penis size is common. In a survey of about 4,000 men released in 2017, only 58 percent said they were satisfied with the length of their erect penises.

An earlier survey of more than 52,000 heterosexual men found that 45 percent of men wish they were bigger.

Even men who consider themselves average-sized penises crave greater length.

Despite the claims made by penis enlargement pill manufacturers that these products can increase the size of the penis.

But there is no clinical evidence that they improve a person’s sexual performance or increase the length or girth of the penis.

If you’re so anxious about your penis size that you feel it’s affecting your confidence, libido, or other aspects of your sexual health, talk to your doctor.

They can recommend a program to help you address and manage your feelings about your body and sexuality.

The Bottom Line

Such products are sold without a prescription on various websites, including Amazon, and possibly in some retail stores, according to the FDA.

They are not regulated by the FDA. Because they’re technically considered “dietary supplements” or “herbal supplements,” they’re not regulated by the FDA like prescription drugs.

That means they don’t need to go through rigorous testing for efficacy and safety.

That means these companies can say pretty much whatever they want on labels and packaging.

Taking unapproved pills could pose “life-threatening” health risks.

Like any medicine, tadalafil and sildenafil can cause side effects, but are generally safe if taken as directed by a doctor.

However, these drugs are not approved for use in unregulated supplements.

If you think your product may have been recalled, your best bet is to check the CPSC website.

You can search by product name or type, and the website will provide information on what to do next.