HPSI Scholarship Program

HPSI Scholarship Program culminates with the Scholarship Glendi on April 29, 2023 at 6:00 pm at Fountain Blue Banquets in Des Plaines, IL. HPSI awards scholarships based on academic excellence and contributions to the Hellenic community. Students must be enrolled in an accredited college program, and may not have received a scholarship under this program previously. Click here for additional information and the application form. The deadline to submit the Scholarship application is March 5, 2023. Late submissions and incomplete scholarship application forms will not be considered. For any questions, please email hpsiboard@gmail.com.

HPSI Scholarship Program Donations

Scholarship donations are accepted throughout the year. Contributions can come from local businesses, members of HPSI and from the Hellenic community-at-large. To perpetuate the program and increase the amount and number of scholarships in the future, HPSI created the HPSI Charitable Foundation. This foundation, created in 1999, is a 501c-3, tax-exempt corporation under the laws of the State of Illinois. Donations to this fund, whether monetary or securities-based, are tax-deductible.

Those donating $1,000+ will have the opportunity to present their scholarship at the Scholarship Glendi on April 29, 2023 OR the subsequent scholarship event. The donor will also be an honored guest of HPSI. The scholarship will be named after the donor or the person of their choice. For more information about donating a scholarship or making a general donation to the fund, please contact hpsiboard@gmail.com or donate today by clicking one of the buttons below.


Thank you for supporting our mission and future Hellenic professionals!

HPSI Scholarship Recipients

Recent HPSI Scholarship recipients (in alphabetical order):

2020 Michael Evangelopoulos Stephanie Garoufalis  
2012 Alexander Stavropoulos    
2011 Melpomeni Arianas Georgina Tsangaridou  
2010 Evanthia Arianas Anastasia Mousouli  
2009 Viki Katris Vasiliki Mitrakos  
2008 Alexandra Karambelas Hope Mihailidis  
2005 Kevin A. Adams Pamela Economos Marika Manolopoulou
2004 Pericles Camberis Abbasi Dena Marie Dittrick Nicole Amalia Malek
2003 Peter Hasiakos Nikoletta Sarantopoulos Elaine Kandalepas